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BOOKS-EBOOKS Most of Joëlle Steele's print books are also available as ebooks, delivered as email attachments within 24 hours or less. Joëlle's ebooks are also available at,, and many other online ebook sellers, including, where you'll find both her ebooks and her print books.

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WRITING & PUBLISHING RESOURCES. Information for writers, editors, publishers, ad agencies, and Web site owners from Joëlle Steele in her articles on writing/publishing and website publishing, and in her advice columns for writers, publishers, and website owners.

OTHER RESOURCES. Many of Joëlle's articles on astrology and new age, cats and cat care, genealogy, graphology (handwriting analysis), horticulture, and philately (postcards and stamps). Also, her advice columns on astrology, horticulture, the horticultural business,

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Joëlle Steele



Washington, USA


Established 1983

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